Rox'n'Flox (roxnflox) wrote in dog_agility,

crate for SUV question

I just got an SUV...I used to seatbelt my Aussie in the back seat when I drove an Altima...
I got a crate (brand not mentioned...yet) and strapped it tightly in the back with ratcheted tie downs...
The problem is this thing makes a RACKET!!! I actually have another crate which I used at first but it was really too big and wanted to get a smaller one just for the car...that wasn't nearly so noisy!!!
My question is:
Does anyone recommend a particular less noisy crate? I mean I used hair elastics to keep the latches from rattling but the whole crate rattles!! It's not a cheap crate either!!
Thanks in advance for any input!!
Michele & Roxy the Aussie
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