wet panties (brownlikewoah) wrote in dog_agility,
wet panties

crappy teacher??

Hello, while living in arizona I took about 6 months worth of agility classes. By the end of the classes we were running a 12 part course, and doing pretty well. I recently moved to washington, and found a teacher here that I am not too crazy about. Because I didn't learn "his" way of teaching, we had to start back at ground zero. It is now week 6 and we went over our first jump. For the past 6 weeks we've been practicing running in circles teaching our dogs to run ahead... which mine already does... There are only two other people in my class and it seems like we don't DO anything, he just talks the whole time! Is it just me or is this realllllllyyyy slowww?  At the rate were going it seems like its gonna take two years to get to all the obstacles... Winter time is setting in here so all the agility places aren't having classes. I am considering taking a break from this and trying flyball or something. I just feel so discouraged by this teacher, and I am worried that if i switch to a new teacher that I'm going to have to start back at the basics AGAIN. any words of advice...?
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