giruff (giruff) wrote in dog_agility,

Incas first show...

Yesterday was Incas first agility show as Dog Vegas are running Grade 0 classes, for dogs between 15-18 months. What can I say?? She was a STAR!! (Its just a shame about the handler!)

Her first (ever) run was Grade 0 agility. I was worried about keeping her in the ring and not going after the dog in the next one (or at the start line, or 3 rings over..). She got all her contacts and did all the jumps, however, I tried to race her out of the tunnel which inevitably didn't work as I had my back to her - I should have turned facing her I know. I was certainly impressed with the little lady, just not so much with myself.

Her next class was Grade 0 Tunnel Happy. Happy she was but she wasnt so keen on the flat tunnel so in the end the judge had to hold it open. However, after that she flew round...its a shame we didn't start at the 3rd obstacle.

Her final class was Grade 0 jumping. Again she suprised me and flew round the course. She just had to take a slight detour to see if dad was standing where he used to be (which he wasnt as I told him to hide around the corner, hence the video footage being taken from far far away). Still, a fantastic note to end on as she recieved just 5 faults!!

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