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Hello Everyone

Im new to the sport of agility. ive been training dogs (mine or my friends for fun) for years but ive never actually done any competitions with a dog.

i started agility 3 weeks ago with my 6 year old Border collie Lab mix McKenzie. she is in good shape but ofcourse the extra excorsize of jumping and running and all that is more than she is used to. the main thing i wanted to ask is how to keep her as healthy as possible during all this. i dont want her last years to be painful and arthritic. just some simple advice on how to keep her happy and healthy would be appreciated.

things like what supplements i should give her or advice on how much to excersize her daily. she is on fish oil and i am thinking about putting her on some glucose supplements. im hoping to have a few more good years with her before i retire her and get a serious competition dog.

thanks guys :)
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