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nadac trial results

so this weekend valkyrie was on. like the switch was finally turned on. we've done only 3 full trials and half a trial last spring(last year this time was our first trial and we only entered one run to see what we really needed to work on and how she would react with that many other dogs/people around) this was our fourth trial where we ran both days and did three/four classes a day. i think she gets it! but now i have a higher expectation for the next trial since i know she CAN do it.

friday: lisa, angela and i set up camp. the dogs got to chill in their crates and on long leashes around the tent area. i think that the hanging out with friends might be one of my favorite parts of trialing.
saturday: jumpers was clean until the last jump. she ran right by it... 20pt fault.

chances we need to work on working away from each other... if the obstacle had been anything other than a tunnel she might have done it. she has tunnel anxiety. had to cross the line to help her in the tunnel. oh well.

tunnelers (i know i just said she has tunnel anxiety! but if there are only tunnels she doesn't seem to mind) i got lost on course and sent her in the wrong tunnel. she had no idea, so we headed to the end completely off course but happy!

sunday: jumpers was awesome! well... minus the "jump, jump, hey! whats that over the fence? valkyrie! here!" oops? she saw something over the fence- cost us three seconds. it happens. but she recovered quickly(much more quickly than any other trial)

chances was a bust. valkyrie does not weave 100% yet. so i try not to enter her into classes with weaves. smack in the middle of the chances run there was a set of 6 poles. so i knew we were going to NQ right away and so i tried some different crosses than i would normally do in a trial. the judge actually right after that run said "very nice handling" !!!! i was so happy he said that. he said it cause instead of forcing valkyrie to try the weaves i just ran past them like they weren't part of our course. i wasn't going to stress her.

tunnelers was handler error. my friend/trainer- lisa- told me to run it one way and i decided to try my way... my way didn't work. valkyrie nearly took me out at the knees. lesson learned- trust the people with more experience.

touch n go was the best by far of the whole weekend! we got a Q! and we faster than the border collie! my friend kerrie was in the same run as me and valkyrie with her border collie- tj- they are an awesome team. he's also really speedy. the little pit bull ran faster than the border collie. kerrie and tj Q'd as well. but we took 1ST! she hit every contact perfectly. i was such a proud mommy. last run of the weekend made my heart swell with pride!

so that was the weekend. now we're back to practice, practice, practice. we need to get those weave poles down! i haven't entered any other trials yet... anyone else here do NADAC? we live in ct and there aren't many trials near us. i am considering other venues. my trainer is going to a USDAA trial in a couple weeks... i'm just going to go watch and see what i think.
here is a picture my friend angela took at the trial this past weekend.

last jump

sorry this got longer than i thought- cut for your friends page pleasure.
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