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hey everyone! i dont have a question really but i wanted to introduce my dog a bit if thats ok. this place doesnt seem all that busy o.o

shes in her advanced begginers class and doing VERY well! She has perfect contacts yet shes also really fast. loves the tunnel ofcourse loves the teeter (all contacts really)  we havent gotten the weeves down yet. we need to work with the channel weeves more. she does everything i ask her to perfectly and most mistakes end up being my falt not hers.

shes a 5 y/o border collie lab mix. knows a TON of tricks. we are inseperable i cant imagine living without her!
anyway our first trial is coming up in june! im so exited! ive only been to a trial once, a TDAA i was the gate steward so that gave me a LOT of good expeirience as to what to expect. if anyone has any helpful comments id appreciate it :)

and of course, and picture of my baby girl
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