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2 q weekend!

it was a pretty good weekend... i certainly am tired!
valkyrie did good. turns out she can't possibly be a purebred pit bull but some kind of border collie mix! she does that stupid spin in circles and barks! damn her. we'll get into that more later

1st run: jumpers: other than way over time... not bad. no faults. it was the first run of the weekend i didn't have high expectations. she was a little flaky and ran past jumps and did one big run around the ring to check everything out. i think this will happen with the first run of every weekend for the rest of our agility career.

2nd run: chances: Q! it was a distance challenge/discrimination. she had to take the jump and not the dog walk. no idea how we managed this since valkyrie loves her contacts! but we did it!

3rd run: tunnelers: this run sucked. it was really hot. and valkyrie does not love tunnels.
we had a conversation during the run. the conversation went something like this:
me: go tunnel!
val: (as she looks at the tunnel) this one?
me: go tunnel!
val: (as she starts barking and spinning) are you sure you mean THIS tunnel?
me: (now i am standing next to the tunnel with my hand pointing inside the tunnel) go tunnel!
val: (still spinning and barking) you mean the one right in front of me!? are you sure?
me: go tunnel! (exaggerated pointing at the tunnel)
val: well... ok. i guess you really mean this tunnel. (goes through tunnel)
i wanted to strangle her! i know she does not like tunnels but come on! i do believe everyone was having a good laugh. i did too after the run was over. this is when it was discussed that val is clearly a border collie mix.
also during this run she ran over to the judge and wanted to be pet. i almost thought she was going to climb into his lap. i called it quits on that run... big fat E. oh well.

end of day one! i was camping at the fair grounds and at about 4pm it started pouring rain... inside my tent stayed dry. got a lot of reading and knitting done.
day two:

1st run: tunnelers: oh joy. cause we didn't have enough fun with tunnels on saturday we did them again on sunday! this run was better. i guess. there was only one conversation about going through the tunnel. but she did run around the outside of another tunnel and i had to call her back to do it again.

2nd run: touch n go: last trial we were at valkyrie got a Q in this. we hit all our contacts in this run(actually all weekend!) this was a mom error as to why we did not get a Q this time.
so from the above conversation you all learned that valkyrie does not normally do what i tell her on the first time. until she did. and i sent her off course. oops. she doesn't normally do what i tell her the first time! she was coming off the a-frame and i said "go on" when i was supposed to say "here" she went through a tunnel without giving me any trouble. except that she was not supposed to be going through that tunnel she was supposed to be coming to me and taking a jump! ah well.
but other than that off course it was a beautiful run. valkyrie had no idea she had done something wrong. and thats the way it should be!

3rd and final run: jumpers: valkyrie loves to jump. loves it. it was beautiful. we worked like a perfect team on this run. and we got our first jumpers Q! we also took first place! i don't really know what to say about this run other than it was perfect. it felt so good.

now for the gripe. i hate trialing against elite handlers with novice dogs! hate it! yeah their dogs may be new to agility but handlers certainly aren't. and that means that they already learned from their mistakes with their older dogs. gah. i don't know. it shouldn't bother me but sometimes it really does.

and another thing. valkyrie has an amazing lead out when we are in class. but as soon as we get to a trial if i don't run off the line with her we lose our connection. i'm not sure how to fix this. i'd really like to lead out on some of my runs with her but i know as soon as i walk away she gets distracted. we don't have this problem in class. ever.
i think i might take her to a couple run throughs and try leading out. anyone else have any good suggestions?

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